Mar 20, 2011

8 Steps to Becoming a Good Mother

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Being a mother is a very cumbersome and has a heavy load, sometimes you think how to be a good mother and how you raise your child.

I will provide some tips that I know about 8 Step to becoming a good mother:

Step 1
Love your children, no matter what they do. They show the others what they should have, and love is the most important gift you can give to them! Hugs and kisses are mandatory. Embrace them no matter how old they might think. Everyone needs hugs to survive.

Step 2
Have patience while spilling their milk and get the remains of a cake on your new carpet. Count to ten and breathe, often hard to not scream. All mothers yelling at a certain point and if you do not, you can not read this! Train yourself to count. May not keep the tears, but will keep the pain.

Step 3
Respect for children and they will respect you. Appreciate the things they do to you, and they will do it more often. Reward and praise the work and tasks done well to teach them to work hard be good mother, and do it all without conditions is the key to maintaining a great life.

Step 4
Show your child is a person who is responsible for the work, prepare for them and take care of their needs. This will teach them to do the same thing for their families in the future. Build a house full of love for a child is the highest responsibility. Appreciate the times when families and children you show how much you are willing to do for them.

Step 5
Having a purpose to your children, your family and yourself. Involve the family in your goals, teach them to create their own goals and challenge them to achieve it. For example, if they want a new toy and is not close to anniversary, ask your children to do some extra work at home they do not normally do to get the toy. If your son or daughter is big on sports or school, encouraging them to go the distance and beyond. Support teams, reward excellence and participate in their performance.

Step 6
Continuing a tradition for your children. Some families have holiday traditions, others have a tradition of day to day. Teach your child about your family history. Cook old family recipes together, try a family craft project, or plan a party together. Keeping alive the family tradition of close family.

Step 7
Influencing your children to be the best that they can get. Talking with them, learn what they want from life and answer their questions. Children will love to hear more about the lives of those they love and trust than from strangers or friends. Your children will love and respect you more to talk with them, not for them.

Step 8
Be good to your children. They are born innocent. Keep them that way as long as possible. Treat your children with dignity, respect and love and they will treat you the same!

Hopefully these tips I gave you could be a good mother and can keep the harmony of your family.

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