May 9, 2011

9 Important Things About Your Children Playing Safety

/ On : 8:24 PM
GladChild: When playing time should be a fun time for your child. U.S. Home Safety Council says parents should examine all toys to be played by children to safeguard them.

Here are 9 important things about your children playing safety:
  1. Should toy size big enough to grasp at once the child can not get into the mouth of children fewer than 5 years old.
  2. Regularly check toys for children, to prevent any part of a broken or dislodged.
  3. Routine check around the house, to small toys or parts that are separated from children's toys that they can recognize as their toy and can be swallowed.
  4. Make sure the children are smaller does not easily reach out to children toys is greater.
  5. Avoid toys that use a rope that can ensnare children.
  6. Keep latex balloons from children reach.
  7. Make sure all children toys already spent security testing.
  8. Do not allow children to play with toys that use electronic or electrical.
  9.  Discard plastic wrap and packaging toys as soon as possible after the toy is opened.

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