May 9, 2011

7 Ways to Teach Children About Eating Portion

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GladChild: According to research data that thin children was 13.3 percent. While children who are obese have 14 percent.

Of course this makes the United Nations fears that call if you are not careful there will be "tsunami" the emergence of children who are obese the next few years.

Hence every parent is obliged to teach the children how a good diet. Including about healthy eating.

However the swelling size of the meal someone is the biggest reason why people are so excess food. One determines the portion of the ends resulted eating are overweight, if not counterbalanced by the addition of physical activity. The Nemours Foundation offers these ways to teach children how to regulate eating the right:

Here are the 7 ways to teach children about eating portion:
  1. Use a small plate of food portions taken for looks bigger.
  2. Do not give kids a big jar of small meals or snacks. Instead of snacks so several smaller portions.
  3. Divide the rest of snacks that have been opened in several small portions once took. Not keep it together in one big container.
  4. Serve meals away from the table. This will reduce the likelihood of family members to increase the portion of food.
  5. When cooking, cook the food in portions corresponding to the amount of food. If there are five family members, present at the dinner table five plates only, without reserve, so that children know how the portion of the fair.
  6. Teach children to eat slowly. Ensure that all children have enough to eat a variety of foods, vegetables and fruits are diverse.
  7. Do not take a menu with additional sizes in fast food restaurants.

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