Oct 5, 2011

How to overcome baby vomit while eating

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GladChild: Baby vomits while eating is natural, mother and would often this that makes the mother is always worried and difficult to overcome vomiting in babies. This could result because the onset of semi-solid foods, like milk porridge, juice, make, or cereal biscuits. In addition, by giving any solid foods such as rice team can also be a cause of infant vomiting.

If the food has been incorporated directly vomited again, it could be problems in the area around the baby's mouth. For that, you need to know and do not be too worried because it is still in the process of the baby to swallow and chew food. It is this process which causes vomiting baby food when it is inserted, because the process has not been good to swallow it or it could be because the food you provided did not like.

This will not last long experienced the early stages of a baby only when baby are introduced to the semi and solid foods only. And if there is a baby vomiting after food into the stomach after half an hour, could have been the possibility of indigestion. Then how the right way to overcome those little ones who always throw up when the time or after a meal? Here's his explanation.

When swallowing reflexes are not good

Foods that you enter the first time when he was in the front of the tongue, the baby will try to stick out its tongue to swallow food. But because of its early recognition can be a baby food then took out his food again. Just as in learning to crawl, when he started to progress that occurred was that he did resign because the process has not been good coordination on the motor.

If that occurs when food is regurgitated by the baby, then do not do to force him to put food back on the horizontal position of the baby. This can cause the baby's coughing and vomiting, as well as dangerous if the food intake can interfere with the respiratory blockage to be fatal.

Swallowing reflex will soon improve and depends on the ability of each baby. In general, the process can be done well if, after the age of 6 months upwards. However, if your child is still experiencing the same thing at the early stages of introduction is difficult to swallow semi-solid and solid foods, then you can overcome by diluting the food again until he can swallow.

Do not know and do not like the food

When the baby should start with a new food either semi-solid or solid, of course he knew the new food to be consumed and different from previous meals. At the beginning of this introduction of the baby does not know or do not even like the food you provide. That way, he will easily resist and spit it out.

If the baby back regurgitates their food, then do not you force him back to put food in your mouth as this will only make the baby be traumatized at the sight of food you provide? But try to dilute a little so the baby will eat.

baby vomit while eating

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