Apr 26, 2011

10 Reasons Why Children Start to Smoking

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GladChild: Smokers usually start smoking since adolescence. There are even some who have started since childhood. Before deciding what will be done in children who get caught smoking, you should first understand why they started it. With understanding, who knows even able to avoid children from smoking since the beginning. Here are 10 reasons why children start to smoking:
  1. Just want to know it and become addicted.
  2. Used to see family members and people around her smoke, so consider this a normal behavior.
  3. Invited by her friends. Peer pressure that has been tried and the child is considered not afraid if you do not go hang out smoking.
  4. Feeling of inferiority, and feel even better with the smoking.
  5. Thinking is an activity-smoking people who have grown up, and they want to be considered is large. Got this view is an act of rebellion against parents.
  6. Think smoking is cool activities, like the idol they like celebrities and so forth.
  7. Influenced by incessant advertising of cigarettes that came in through the film, mass media, posters, sponsor youth activities such as music concerts and so forth.
  8. No one is reprimanded and reminded when I saw a small child or adolescent smoking in public places.
  9. cheap price of cigarettes, even children and teenagers can buy a cigarette.
  10. Not enough to understand the impact of smoking to their health.

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