Apr 25, 2011

Children Like Hitting Is Hyperactive Symptoms?

/ On : 3:43 PM
GladChild: Children love to hit the course is not good, but not necessarily a symptom of hyperactivity because all young children especially boys always active because it is still in its early stages of development. How to cope with a very active child, what can be done to stop the habit are:
  • Try to observe, whether children are exposed to violent behavior, such as the influence of television, games, CDs, or the people around him who use violence to solve problems? If there is, avoid exposure to it because the child is very easy to imitate.
  • Does your child understands when to talk? If he does not understand the speech of others, immediately consult a pediatrician because of problems of interaction / communication will lead to problem behavior. Conversely, if your child understands to talk to, you can apply the things below.
  • Help your child to express his emotions, because the ability to talk to children 15 months has not been optimized so as not to express emotion with words. Give examples and train the child to express emotions with the appropriate expression, such as hugging or clapping their hands to feel happy, or cry for sadness. Show the expression someone face if he was angry. When children are angry, try asking why he was angry, and then help find a solution.
  • Tell the child that hitting is not good and he should not do. If he still do it, you can give him such punishment should not be watching television pleasures.

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