Apr 23, 2011

When Children Learn To Walk

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GladChild: As a mother of course you will be proud and happy to see your child's first steps while still being dragged. Do not know surrender, he tried to move again and again. Finally, with full confidence, he will be able to walk steadily. Home range area was more extensive and exciting.

Stand-vine-road walking is a very important milestone. The average child begins to walk at age 11-14 months. According to existing data, 3 of 5 children begin to walk at the age of about 12 months because of nerves and muscles needed to walk began to grow perfect. In addition, the bones of children's legs were long and strong enough to support his entire body, including the head as the center of gravity of the body. In addition, children must have the ability to coordinate the whole body and limbs, and balance training. When he was able to stand, that is when the child tries to propagate it will do the rest on objects that can support his weight, then move forward. When the creep period is completed, or he is capable of supporting its body with both feet, children will try to stand a few seconds and then fall. Do not know surrender, toddlers 1 year trying to hold until he grew steadily walked and walked.

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