Apr 23, 2011

How to set eating schedule Aged 1 Year Olds Children

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GladChild: How to set eating schedule and menu for children aged 1 year olds children. Toddler eating habits have to follow the family menu, following:

-Breakfast with full cooked rice. Rice can be replaced pasta, potatoes, bread served with side dishes and vegetables. For example, the macaroni is cooked with milk, eggs and vegetables sliced​​, cooked macaroni so mush.
-Lunch and dinner complete with rice. Complete rice to a rice dish served with a complete team. For example, chicken minced with small slices of carrot plus a small slice tempeh are cooked tomato stew seasonings: garlic, a little nutmeg, pepper and ketchup. This also introduces various spices but not sharp flavor. Can also other spices like opor, soup and soup, with a side dish or vegetable content varies. Or, it could also be taken from family meals, but the form of slices or smaller pieces and added vegetables sliced ​​and cooked rice with broth so that it becomes a complete team of malnutrition.
-Interlude at 10.00 and 16.00, can be a fruit or cake given varied.
-feeding should be waking in the morning and before your children sleeping at night, so it does not interfere in the daily feeding.

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