Apr 23, 2011

Playing Music Can Improve Children's Intelligence

/ On : 7:29 AM
GladChild: Music classes for some children is not considered exciting and boring. But, the sacrifice to move the fingers on piano keys, guitar strings, flute, violin, or drum beat, it turns out useful in the future of children and can improve children's intelligence.

Research shows learning music from an early age are able to maintain the sharpness of a person's brain when they are adults. Provided that the activities carried out in a sustainable manner. The level of IQ is a better musician in old age, wrote American Psychological Association's Journal of Neuropsychology in the Daily Mail on Saturday April 23, 2011.

According to researchers from the University of Kansas, Brenda Hanna Pladdy, learning music from an early age to be able to train the cognitive abilities of older people. Your child brain is trained to fight premature aging, he said. So, children who know the music tends away from the risk of dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

This research was conducted on 70 adults aged 60 to 83 years. As a result, their early musical training has a sharp memory than respondents who did not learning music. Music has a major impact on brain development, said Hanna.

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