Mar 24, 2011

How to Cope with a very Active Child

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It takes extra energy when accompanying children who are too active or can not be silent. Parents must be patient and always vigilant watch over who really is trying new things.

Recently picked him to get off the car, your child is running around. Even climbing or climb something that might harm him.

Children who can not be silent or very active indeed tend to have more energy than other children his age. They will find it difficult and frustrating if you have to sit for long without any activity. Of course, you as a mother will be anxious and worried.

However, please understand that young children generally do much to move physically. Encouragement of curiosity and wanted to try everything on her is so big. Even if he's always running away does not mean avoiding contact with you.

Children under five like the feeling of free and always running around us, says Patricia Shimm, Director of the Barnard College Center for Toddler Development in New York, United States and co-author of the book Parenting Your Toddler.

You can support her behavior, as long as you can control where he ran. However, how best to deal with a very Active Child? There is no theory of anything in the world to ensure that your child is superaktif it will always be safe. So it is important to emphasize responsibility to yourself to keep your child.

That means, you should continue to be alert to it and always create a safe environment for your child. The trick, always be close to him. If you are in an open space where you can see your child and he can see you, let him run around in front of you.

Usually, if you do not yell or run after him, he would stop his own and turned to see what your reaction. After that, he will come back to you when he sees you do not follow them. But do not take the risk if it was in the middle of a crowd or the highway.

You have to keep together with your child, says Roni Leiderman, Head of the Family Center, Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States.

Children this age like like to hide. Let them not be seen from your view is too risky. You will not will never forgive yourself if he lost in the crowd.

You must indicate where the child may be running. Let him explore the safe areas like parks, where he is safe from the car and you can see it from afar freely and with its own speed.

However, in the park there are also areas in which he was not allowed to touch them, like in the bush or muddy soil. He will accept these limits more easily and learn to himself more quickly if there are many other places that are allowed and even encouraged, for he is free running.

The message you want to say is that running it is fine as long as done in the right place and time. The other way, try to involve yourself and entertain your children while behaving like that.

Young children often misbehave and violate the rules because he was bored or losing your attention. If that happens, try to involve your child in homework and worked together for more fun.

For example, asked children to help push the baby carriage belonging dia.Hal it can make children feel like doing something important. Or let him walk on his own approach you, when giving his favorite toy.

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