Apr 27, 2011

Measure Your Child Head Circumference Regularly

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GladChild: Parents sometimes just noticed the baby weight and height only, whereas head circumference measured on a regular basis is also important to know the growth of his brain.

Measuring head circumference is important, because I could see his brain growth every month.

If your child head circumference no increase in the size for 2 months, means there is something that grows in the body is not perfect. This is because all development centers in the brain, ranging from the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem.

The growth of a child's brain is a very important process, and known to the fastest period of brain growth occurs in the third trimester until age 3 years old. These conditions also include sensitive or critical period because it only happens once in a lifetime.

There are several things to note about the brain's growth:
  • Complex
  • Genetically programmed
  • Following a regular sequence
  • Time-dependent sequence, chronological age-appropriate
  • The process that has been passed can not be repeated
  • Disturbance could affect the growth and development.
children affected by meningitis at age 1 year hence brain development will stop. Later after completion of treatment and therapy is usually up to 3 weeks to 1 month, give the child the proper stimulation and quick to recall spots in the brain that had formed previously.

The process of growth and infant brain development is influenced by genetic factors, nutrition and the environment in the form of stimulation or arousal. Some good nutrition for the brain known as:
  • DHA and AA for optimal brain growth and development
  • Iron to the circulation of oxygen and DNA replication
  • Taurine to the retina and brain development
  • Choline to the process of learning and memory
  • Zinc for the development of central nervous system in the brain
For mothers who work spend some time at least 1 hour just to give a touch and caress the child, ask to speak or sing. Because of this stimulation can increase your child self confidence so that later the child does not easily fall on juvenile delinquency, and can distinguish good and bad.

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