Apr 27, 2011

Anemia Can Affect Your Child Intelligence

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GladChild: You have a child with a smooth surface of the tongue without spots or fingernails cracked and shaped like a spoon? Beware, such a condition is a symptom of iron deficiency anemia. Especially if his face was pale, weak body condition and tire easily, have complete symptom of iron deficiency anemia that attacks the body.

When such conditions experienced by a child until more than two years, they will make child intelligence or even reduced IQ squat. Do not expect their IQs over 100, the highest of the 90's.

Given the adverse effects of iron deficiency anemia so much, then the provision of iron to the needy should promptly. If late and complications have emerged. Is not impossible that iron deficiency will be cured or even longer could no longer be treated.

The incidence of iron deficiency anemia in children at relatively high ground water. Household Health Survey 2001 showed the incidence in children under five years old (toddlers) reached 47 percent. Meanwhile.

symptom of iron deficiency anemia in children can be caused by several factors. Among other things, food intake does not contain iron, while infant and juvenile growth is rapid, or because in his intestines nesting hookworm.

Many foods that contain iron mainly derived from animal protein such as meat, fish, and liver. But, in everyday life, the children that should require a high iron from red meat or liver it was defeated by his parents.

To patch the iron deficiency in children, Nutrition Directorate of the Ministry of Health, made a breakthrough with Taburia program launched in January. This is food that has been shaped powder enriched with nutrients. It's contains 12 vitamins and four essential minerals, namely iodine, zinc, selenium, and iron.

In addition to practical, full of nutrition powder does not change the taste, smell, and form the main food consumed by children, such as rice or porridge. However, Taburia should not be mixed with soup, tea, or milk as it will clot. Mixing with hot foods should be avoided because of damage to the fat that covers the iron.

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