Apr 28, 2011

Playing With Children Adjust To The Gender

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GladChild: Boys and girls differ from biological aspects, motor development, cognitive, social and personality development. When playing with them, parents need to notice these differences for the benefits of play, fun to play, and the quality of parent and child interaction, be optimal.

Here is a guide on the move according to the sex of the child and parents.
  • Dad playing with his son. While playing, the boys further develop gross motor skills. Movement and their activity levels tend to be higher than girls. It's the same with the trend properties of a father who agile, quick, strong and active activities. Activities that fit like, throw and catch, wash cars and camping.
  • Dad playing with his daughter. While playing with his little daughter, dad needs to differentiate their treatment in accordance with the physical character and personality of the general's daughter. Activities are suitable such as, discussion idol, swimming, and trips to the flower garden.
  • Mother playing with her daughter. The daughter loved the softness and the instinct to care for, where there's more skin to skin contact through caresses, hugs and kisses. Girls also like going to the beauty, neatness and organize something, which can be learned when he was on the move with his mother. Activities such as matching, dress up together, role play, and meronce.
  • Mother playing with her son. Mom can be a fun playmate for her son, provided the mother fit enough, not jaim (watch image) and are willing to dirty! Activities that fit like, play lego, doll's hand, and painting.
Activities are given to boys and girls can be the same, the only difference being the way with some.

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