Apr 29, 2011

10 Ways to Teach Children to Save the Earth

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GladChild: We all need care and love the environment, including your children can too! Moreover, children are the next generation who will live longer to enjoy the beautiful earth. Here are some tips about 10 ways to teach children to save the earth:
  1. Dispose of trash in its place. Flood disasters frequently happened lately can you make an example due to litter waste. Teach toddlers throw garbage in its place. Do not forget to provide the trash in some corner of the house, such as bedrooms, living room, and playroom in order to facilitate him to found the trash. Also provide a small trash can in the car junk food wrappers are not thrown into the street of course!
  2. Occasionally take your children along to clean it. Ask him to sweep or pick up leaves that fall to the ground. You can explain that the cleanse home page is a form of love in a clean environment. Ask him to count the leaves that have been collected, then piled the leaves are to be 'transformed' into fertilizer.
  3. Dog or pet rabbit is safe for children. They also can be trained to be companions for children. Like the friend, toddlers can be taught how to nurture, love and be loved animals. For example, feeding and drinking, bathing, playing together, stroking and not hit. This method is one of the tricks to teach children to love other living creatures outside the human.
  4. Come on, grow plants! Take advantage of a child who thirsts for experience and adventure together to plant crops. Teach them also to care for plants. When the plants will thrive, he can be a gift.
  5. Teach to saving water. By getting off the tap when brush teeth, toddlers learn to conserve water, as well as bathing. It's okay to bring a rubber duck, or toy to the bathroom, but small enough to prepare a bucket of water to play and do not give it again when the water is removed useless. Tell him; ducks can not swim again if the water is discharged continuously discarded.
  6. Bring own food and drinks. Buy snacks or snacks outside the home would be to use plastic packaging to be thrown into the garbage. Familiarize children bring lunch from home food and drinks. Or bring their own containers from home to bring food and drinks to be purchased later.
  7. Create toy from used cardboard. Encourage children to make a toy train of cardboard used. Other used goods, such as plastic bottles, plates and other Styrofoam another party could be a new item. Children also learn that the goods are practically useless if the waste could still be utilized.
  8. Carrying bags when shopping, creating the habit of plastic bag as a form of love with the environment is a habit that thumbs up. This transmitted to your child! When shopping at the supermarket or shop, also asked him to bring her favorite shopping bags. Groceries that light can you put in the bag, tell him you’re also allowed to carry our groceries. We do not have to wear plastic yes, because the plastic at home and have a lot of unused.
  9. Encourage children to love the environment by saving electricity usage. Teach things that are easy and simple, like turn off lights when leaving the room or do not turn on the lights in the daytime because the sun is illuminating. Or turn off the television directly to the source turn off non standby position when finished watching TV and computer when he was finished using it. The same teachings you need to apply also to save money on batteries in toys. Efficient energy consumption, also durable toys.
  10. Walk or ride a bike on the go. Many of the benefits when you invite children to walk or ride a bike. You teach him about reducing air pollution coming out of motor vehicle exhaust. Also, fuel economy and provide compelling experiences during the journey by watching the trees, streets and activities of others.

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