Apr 30, 2011

Signs of a Healthy Child is Child who Always Active

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GladChild: Suggested for children ages 2 years actively engaged in exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Less physical activity can improve child obesity.

Children aged 2-3 years can perform various physical activities like running, jumping, throwing and catching balloons even climbing. In addition to his body so fit, physical activity and muscle training to increase certain motor muscle control. Physical activity also stimulate bone growth, including increasing bone density and helps posture.

Which body part should be moved?
  • Parts of the body we can see, the big muscles, like hands and feet.
  • Invisible body parts, namely kardiorespiratori system, Such as lung muscles to maximize the intake of oxygen and train the heart to Accelerate blood circulation.
30 minutes a day! American Heart Association recommends a child from the age of 2 years active by exercising at least 30 minutes a day. Children can do fun activities such as cycling, jumping, or turned upside down. If your child is not able or do not have time to do so, for the time of exercise into several times, eg three times the sport each 10 minutes.

Children should make games that make activism moves with a total time of about an hour a day. Sit around for over an hour, for example watching TV while eating a snack, should be avoided. Even if the kids just want to sit, he handed activities such as fine motor muscles play a puzzle or blocks, drawing or coloring pictures. Less physical activity can improve child obesity.

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