Apr 22, 2011

Insomnia Sleep Disorders in Children

/ On : 6:36 AM
GladChild: Babies and children may also have sleep disorders. Insomnia sleep disorders in children is easier to prevent than treat. But if it is already happening to your child, do not worry the solution of this sleep problem on your child is be patience and perseverance.

Does your child have insomnia sleep disorders?

Knowing whether your child is having sleep problem? We need to know that sleep duration depending on the age of your baby or children. A newborn baby until about the age of 3 months will require time to sleep almost > 20 hours/day. Children will need time to sleep for 8-14 hours depending on the age of the child. But of course this varies depending also from the child

You should begin to see that your baby has sleep disorders:
  • Woke up almost every night
  • Have hours of sleep is almost the same with you
  • Sleep continues at noon
  • Or have a bad temper because of lack of sleep at night
So whether your baby or children has symptoms, do not get discouraged there is always a way to overcome it all.

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