Jun 15, 2011

Children can be infected from his father to become active smoker

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GladChild: This is a warning for smokers. Immediately turn off cigarettes around you if there are children and adolescents. Because the children who become passive smokers too long will participate nicotine addiction.

Research conducted by experts from Concordia University of Montreal and Canada found that adolescents who are often exposed to smoke from parents, siblings, friends or people around him will gradually start to smoking as well.

Children who see others smoking habit will imitate it because it did not regard smoking as a danger. The result of our observations show despite never smoking, children who are exposed to smoking will see its natural habit, so they will start to become active smoker in their teens, said Simon Racicot from the Department of Psychology, University of Concordia.

The result, published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research is increasing the length of proof of negative effects in the environment smokers.

Senior researcher Jennifer J. McGrath said about 60 percent of children in North America is a passive smoker. More and more smokers in the vicinity of the child, the higher the exposure they received nicotine. Whereas children who become passive smokers absorb nicotine in doses higher than the active smoker, he said.

Initial research results indicate that exposure to cigarette secondhand smoke will affect the brain causing addiction reactions, even before the child starts to become active smoker.

In this study, 327 adolescents aged 11-13 years were interviewed about smoking habits, number of smokers at home and their environments, and situations when they smoked.

Children who are surrounded by smokers are also candidates for smokers, researchers concluded. Therefore, the researchers suggest the need for special precautions for children who become passive smokers. Awareness of the dangers of smoking is supposed to arrive at the children and parents.

Adults or parents should not smoke around children, whether at home or vehicle to prevent child exposure to secondhand smoke, said Racicot.

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