Jun 26, 2011

When Baby Teeth Appear

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GladChild: Growing up on a baby's first tooth usually take place at the age of 5-11 months. Some babies are sometimes uncomfortable with the process of teething is, therefore parents can do something to reduce the discomfort. What are the signs of teething babies want?

When do babies start teething? As reported by WebMD on Sunday June 26, 2011 is the bottom front teeth. Then the upper front teeth will grow 1-2 months after the lower front teeth. Until the age of 3 years of normal children have 20 first teeth (primary teeth).

Most experts say teething does not cause teething fever in infants. Even if your baby has a fever, the temperature could still be in the low level and usually occurs at the time the tooth appears. But if your baby has a teething fever, it is probably just a coincidence or are there other conditions that cause the child's fever.
Teething process is relatively painless to the baby, but if it is accompanied by the onset of teething symptoms of pain or swelling of the gums will usually occur 3-5 days before the first tooth appears.

Here are some signs of teething babies:
  • Babies often salivate which usually a lot of saliva is dripping causing a red rash on the chin, face or chest
  • Babies are often chewed on fingers or toys as it helps reduce stress on the baby's gums
  • So lazy to eat and drink because of mouth pain
  • Wake up at night
  • A little more fussy if her gums feel swollen.
Some ways parents can do to reduce discomfort such as baby:
  • Use a clean finger to gently rub your baby's gums for 2 minutes at any time. Although initially the baby protests after that they will find peace.
  • Provide safe objects or chew toy baby
  • If this condition does not help alleviate the condition of babies who are not comfortable, then it could not hurt to consult a doctor to find out is there any other teething symptoms that accompany it or not.

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