Jul 16, 2011

Beware of Diarrhea Due to Rotavirus in Children

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GladChild: Rotavirus causes severe diarrhea resulting in dehydration in children. Almost all children in the world had experienced at least one rotavirus infection until they are five years of age. Rotavirus spreads very easily through the hands, toys or objects exposed by the feces of infected children.

Rotavirus Diarrhea is dangerous because most of the babies or children under the age of 2 years with many symptoms of vomiting, fever, watery diarrhea that can last from 3-8 days, loss of appetite, and dehydration or loss of body fluids and thus require intravenous fluids and hospital care.

Based on a survey involving 600 mothers who had children under the age of 3 years old, 70 percent of them, little or never read or heard of rotavirus infection.

Prevention of rotavirus diarrhea as early as possible can be done with vaccinations, rotavirus vaccination can be given from the age of two months, The dose of vaccine depends on the type and brand of vaccine that is in use. Furthermore, ask your doctor about early prevention of rotavirus.

Currently diarrhea is still the highest cause of death in infants up to age 11 months i.e. from 31.45 per cent and toddlers aged 1-4 years by 25.2 percent.

Research on acute diarrhea involving 2870 children under five years old, found that 60 percent of inpatients and 41 percent positive outpatients caused by rotavirus.

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