Jul 20, 2011

Early puberty in children can affect mind and brain work

/ On : 7:37 AM
GladChild: Early puberty can be a threat in girls. This is because early puberty can affect mind and brain work. As a result, the child will experience increased emotional, learning disorders, and even premature menstruation can be at risk of becoming malignant.

To prevent the occurrence of early puberty in children, it is highly recommended to parents not to continue to provide the children of chicken meet that can trigger the risk of early puberty.

Give them a varied diet. Especially on the chickens are processed like nuggets or sausages. Because we do not know really, what are the contents of chemical substances?

Apart from dietary factors, early puberty can also be caused by many factors such as genes, pesticides, chemicals, and pollution.

Early puberty is unsustainable and must be treated immediately because this is a disease. He also advised the parents to provide healthy eating by introducing natural processed foods such as vegetables and fruits, and reducing consumption of processed foods.

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