Sep 30, 2011

9 Mistake in caring for newborn babies

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GladChild: Caring for the newborn baby is certainly not as easy as you might imagine. It sure would be a lot of mistakes in doing so, this is particularly true in new mothers. Sometimes even new mothers have learned in caring for baby with the help of parents or through the book, still it can often make mistakes.

Often even small mistakes are not recognized by the mother, ranging from changing diapers or diapers, one wearing clothes, to give the wrong toys and other things that can threaten harm your baby. So what things are often done in the new mom made a mistake in caring her babies he did not realize it?

Here are some mistakes in caring for infants that are often carried out without intentional and how to overcome them:
  1. Keep clean, this may be very trivial, but it is important to do in order to maintain the health of the newborn baby. If you have friends or relatives who came to see the birth of your baby, then you should inform in advance to wash their hands before going to hold your baby or when they're cold or cough should not be too close. This is important, because babies under six months are still in shaping the immune systems. Also, do not travel first if the baby is still under the age of six months to avoid the crowds so that your child is not held by many people who are not known.
  2. Choose the right clothes, wearing clothes on the baby also needs your attention. Do not let you wear the wrong clothes when the weather is hot, but the baby clothes worn closed or vice versa. Body of newborn baby will usually be easily overheated. Therefore, choose the right clothes from not too closed.
  3. Provide toys that are dangerous, watch out with this one. Often if you forget to give toys to the child is not in accordance with his age or even not a toy that is not supposed to be baby toys. As an example, when your child whines ask her toys but instead you replace it with a key. And this is not the right thing, because it contains the key to high levels of lead and can cause brain damage and reduced IQ levels.
  4. Babies put to sleep in his stomach, according to research results revealed that infants who are put to sleep on his stomach on a soft blanket at risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or sudden infant death syndrome, compared with infants who sleep supine on a blanket that is not too soft.
  5. Lack of fluid when the baby is not fussy, if the baby feel calm and do not fret you are wrong to think that he is not hungry or thirsty. You need to be regularly in providing food and drink. Watch for signs if your child is eating enough, that if he wet the bed in the 6 times a day after his birth in the first week. However, if it does not also appear to consult a doctor immediately.
  6. Often given antibiotics, many parents are wrong, if their children are sick more often exposed to antibiotics administered. In fact, antibiotics alone are not good for the health of children, especially the baby's body. Antibiotics alone are also not appropriate to treat diseases caused by viruses such as flu, diarrhea, vomiting, and sore throat. Antibiotics can only be used to cure diseases caused by streptococcus bacteria. In addition, by taking antibiotics so often infants can cause the baby to become resistant and when his body needed antibiotics will not work again on his body.
  7. Dose of the drug on the advice of a doctor, always follow the doctor's advice, if the baby was sick to give the appropriate dose of a doctor's advice. Do not identify the drug doses in infants and older children because the dose was different.
  8. Keep dangerous objects, one year after the baby is moving more to 1.5 years usually can crawl. Therefore, whenever possible you pay attention to the area around the houses whether there are dangerous objects are easy to reach by the child or not. Avoid objects such as vases, ashtrays or items easily glassware, note also the sockets, wires, furniture sharp and medications.
  9. Make sure beforehand if the products you buy for your child is safe when used. So also with drugs that are considered natural or herbal, you should first check with your doctor to find certainty.
Caring for infants is not an easy thing. One little can be fatal. Therefore, you need to be careful and pay attention to anything that takes your child in infancy.

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