Sep 5, 2011

Children who experienced physical abuse susceptible to cancer

/ On : 11:48 PM
GladChild: Children and adolescents who experienced physical abuse are most likely at risk for cancer than children and adolescents who have never experienced physical abuse. Research conducted by the University of Toronto found that 49% chance of developing cancer in the adult body associated with the physical child abuse experienced in childhood.

Chairman of the research team, Esme Fuller Thompson says a lot of possibilities that connect between the physical child abuses with the development of cancer as adults, but have not found a good reason to explain it. One theory suggests the increasing levels of stress can increase the cortisol hormone, where this hormone will suppress the immune system, so it is not able to detect and destroy cancer cells.

Research that takes data from the Canadian Community Health Survey also found an association between abuse experienced in childhood and cancer diseases with their habits as adults, children start to smoking and drink alcohol. However, Fuller-Thompson stressed that most children who experience physical abuse is not likely to get cancer, but more research needs to be done to explain why people with higher levels of cancer in children.

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