Sep 9, 2011

How to make your home safe for babies

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GladChild: Make homes safer for babies is very important. Every parent would want to create the safest environment for baby beloved, be it in the house though.

Having a newborn baby is very risky and need to be careful. If the child was aged 2 years and he certainly would be very nimble and fun to play with whatever is around him. Therefore, you should always be alert in watching the little guy. Maybe you already feel in control is quite strict in monitoring the activities of the small, but who would have thought if your child can do or play something dangerous around him, especially in the home.

When the child grows larger in order to pay more attention to the situation and security at home. Here are some tips on making homes safer for babies who need your attention and avoid in the house so that children do not play carelessly, among others:

Public, first make sure all the rooms contained within the house is not harmful to invite children to play. And make sure that every room in your home safe for your child. Put a cushion or a safety device that can cover the sharp objects or dangerous around the house. When buying toys, to also consider the placement of playground space.

Nursery, after you make sure each room with safe and then check back to the baby bedroom. To position the crib to sleep away from the lights, wiring, windows, and other decoration. Do not put stuffed toys in the crib or bed because this can affect the body motion is limited, so they can make it feel cramped and difficult to move. Inventories keep diapers in place like in a closet or drawer baby clothes. Keep children away from the reach of lotions, ointments, or anything harmful in order to avoid the child's play.

Electrical and wiring center, to avoid things that are dangerous when your child was in her room while playing, you need to watch too closely. Keep out of reach of the electricity or cable. If necessary to prevent it, make the cover of plastic material or fabric in any power centers so that children are not interested to play it.

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