Oct 11, 2011

Autistic children have higher growth in the head size, height and weight

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GladChild: Children with autism generally difficult to distinguish from one another. But the researchers found that boys with autism tend to have faster growth, especially in head size, height and weight.

Researchers reveal the boys with autism tend to grow faster in the presence of differences in head size, height and weight babies than usual. This finding may be a new clue about the mechanisms underlying autism.

Head size is more likely to have larger brains, too. Boy whose brain and body 'overgrowth' tend to have more severe symptoms of autism, especially those involving social skills compared with other normal children?

Katarzyna Chawarska, as professor of child psychology at Yale University Child Study Center said an overgrowth (overgrowth) is likely to be one cause of autism, making symptoms worse or subtype of autism that is characterized by accelerated growth and severe social deficits.

We found children tend to have a pattern of accelerated bone growth, including in terms of length or height, and saw a little overweight, said Chawarska, as quoted from HealthDay.

Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder characterized by problems in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and restricted interests and behaviors.

In this study researchers recruited 65 children with autism which consisted of 34 boys with pervasive developmental disorder, 13 boys with global developmental delay, and 18 boys with other growth issues.

These children have normal size at birth, but children with autism have a higher body at the age of 5 months, has a larger head circumference at age 9.5 months and the weight is greater when a first year than children whose development is normal. The results of this study were published in the October issue of Archives of General Psychiatry.

However, this overgrowth should not be used to diagnose autism, because not all children with autism are known to have growth faster than normal children and a large head circumference may indicate conditions other than autism.

But pediatricians should focus on actionable children who have a pattern of accelerated growth and referring them to perform genetic testing, said Chawarska.

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