Mar 22, 2011

10 Mistakes in Teaching your Children

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When you think whether you are a good mother? So your answer surely of course, I’am a good mother for my child. Parents are always trying to give the best for their children. In fact many parents make mistakes in teaching their child.

Here are 10 mistakes in teaching your children that you may not realize it:

1. Less Oversight

According to Professor Robert Billingham, Human Development and Family Studies, University of Indiana, "Children hanging out with too many artificial environment outside the family, and it is a tragedy that should be considered by parents". For example if your child is in daycare or school, try to pay attention. If your control is reduced, the solution look for another daycare, your child needs attention.

2. Failed to Listening

According to psychologist Charles Fay, Ph.D. "Many parents are too tired to give attention tends to ignore what their children reveal" for this point I've described in previous articles about actively listening to your child.

3. Home Seldom Meet

According to Billingham, parents should let their children to make mistakes, let the child learn from mistakes so as not to repeat the same mistakes. Help your child to solve their own problems but do not take advantage for your benefit, keeping your children motivated.

4. Too Excessive

According to Judy Haire, "many parents spend 100 km per hour drying my hair, rather than spend an hour with their children." Children need time alone to feel the boredom, because it will spur the children bring their own creativity.

5. Opening the Children Argue

According to psychiatrist Sarah B. Miller, Ph.D., of the most influential destructive behavior is a fight in front of children. When parents fight in front of their children, especially boys, then the result is an adult male candidate who is not sensitive that can not be associated with a healthy woman. Parents should warm the discussions between them, without the children around them. Naturally, the parents disagree but try without anger. Do not create feelings of insecurity and fear in children.

6. Not Consistent

Children need to feel that their parental role. Do not let them beg and whine to be a powerful weapon to get what they want. Parents should be firm and authoritative in front of children.

7. Ignoring Conscience

According to Lisa Balch, mother of two children "just do it according to your heart and let it flow without ignoring the surrounding sounds too debilitating. I learned a lot that parents should have a keen sensitivity about something. "

8. Watch TV Too Much

According to Neilsen Media Research, American children aged 2-11 years old watches 3 hours and 22 minutes of broadcast TV a day. Watching television will make children lazy learning. Parents tend to allow children to linger in front of the TV rather than interfere with a parent. Parents are very unlikely to filter the entry of negative ads that do not educate.

9. Everything Measured By Material

According to Louis Hodgson, mother of 4 children and grandmother of 6 grandchildren, "children now have many objects for their collection." It is not wrong spoil children with toys and fancy vacations. But should realize is that your child requires quality time with their parents. They tend to want to be heard than be given something and silent.

10. Be Next Heavy

Some parents sometimes more support of children and being pro child while vilifying their partners in front of children. They will disappear patterned perception and tend to be biased. Spend time with children at least 10 minutes of your busy life was interrupted. And make sure children know the time with parents is time that can not be interrupted.

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