Apr 20, 2011

Children Watching TV too Much Risky Affected Narrowing of Blood Vessels

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GladChild: Too long in front of the TV screen is not recommended, especially for children who should be active players. Not only can lead to obesity, Watching TV too much risky affected narrowing of blood vessels in the eye.

This was revealed in a recent study conducted by Dr. Gopinath Bamini from Sydney University. In a study involving 1500 he was 6-7 years old children who watch television an average of 2 hours/day and only 36 minutes of outdoor activities.

The results showed, the risk of narrowing of blood vessels in the eyes experienced by children who watch too much TV and only move out during less than 30 minutes. Children who play outside for 1 hour or more relatively safe from such risks.

Dr Gopinath said the narrowing of blood vessels in the eye is an indicator of the circulatory system throughout the body. The worst risk of the disorder include high blood pressure or hypertension, stroke and heart attack at an early age.

We found that changes in the arteries which were located in the back of the eye reflects cardiovascular conditions in other parts of the body of a child, says Dr Gopinath in his report, as quoted from Dailymail on Thursday April 21, 2011.

In adults, the narrowing of blood vessels in that section are known risk factors for heart disease and blood vessels including stroke. Therefore cardiovascular examination must be done must be done before its too late.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the association optometrists in the United States, Adrian Bell said the narrowing of blood vessels in the eyes of the children also trigger visual impairment at age 20 years. Those ancient eyes healthier because watch TV too much.

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