Apr 13, 2011

Meditation and Yoga Improve Child Intelligence

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School students in Essex, England now have the extra activities, meditation and yoga for children. One day in a week children aged 9-11 years were taught relaxation and breathing technical. The result is surprising their intelligence of chid who meditate these increases.

As quoted by the Daily Mail on April 12, 2011 for an hour, students are taught basic techniques of yoga and various positions to improve their health and mental endurance. Besides Improve Child Intelligence it turns out yoga and meditation since their concentration in class is also increasing.

According to Dave Read, 52 a former history teacher who now teaches meditation and yoga for teachers are also students, yoga and meditation can indeed have a big impact for child education. Emotionally teaches kids to get in touch with their inner and exceptional response, they requested an extended time this activity, they felt the benefits, said Dave.

Tess Boyes, health consultant who led the project which is sure to relax and calm the child will get better results. He said the project was not the idea of ​​playing games but a new approach toward education. For most people meditation techniques and yoga has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety, are also more emotionally mature, he said.

As a pilot project, schools in Essex to feel the benefits and positive results from meditation and yoga activities for school students. We still continue to monitor, but from early indications, this project is very positive, said Tess.

Helen Reader, vice principal at Thorpedene Infant School in Southend, Essex admitted already seeing the benefits of meditation and yoga. In the classroom they change, more calm, he said. A total of thirty children in a school where Helen works follow this activity. All the kids love it, either boys or girls.

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