Apr 12, 2011

Risk of First Menstruation in Under Age 10 Years

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Early puberty not only affects the mental and psychological harm to children, but also affect the child's physical condition. Your Girl who received first menstruation under age 10 years are more prone to develop asthma and impaired lung function.

Norwegian scientist, Ferenc Macsali from Haukeland Hospital revealed that the latest study, published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. The study involved 3357 adult women aged 27-55 years.

In the respondents came from various countries including Spain, France, Italy, Britain, the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia. Are all participants to an international study, the European Community Respiratory Health Survey (ECRHS).

From my observation, asthma and impaired lung function more experienced by girl who get first menstruation before age 10 years. girl who get first menstruation at age 13 years and over who experienced fewer asthma.

The study also revealed that the first menstruation is called too early or too early menarche are more common in communities in the southern region of Europe. Smoking habits in the community believed to be one of the trigger factor.

Who arrive early menstruation is much influenced by environmental factors while still in the womb and greatly affect the growth of the lungs, said as quoted by Eurekalert Macsali, Tuesday April 12, 2011.

Besides associated with lung function, which comes too early menstruation is also associated with weight at birth or when the adult body. Girl who have menstrual too early tend to lower birth weight, but has more fat composition in adolescence.

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