Apr 11, 2011

What is the danger if the child early puberty

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Often watching soap operas, too many eating junk food, genetic factors or some disease can make children experiencing early puberty. This makes the child grow up before his age. What is the danger if the child early puberty?

In general, early signs of normal puberty began to appear in girls at age 8-13 years, while the boys at the age of 9th to 14th years. If signs of secondary sexual in girls appears before age 8th years and boys before age 9th years, it is called prekoks puberty or early puberty.

Early puberty is marked by the onset of breast enlargement, height growth is faster than his age and grow pubic hair early. Meanwhile, the boys started with enlarged testicles and then followed by enlargement of the penis.

Hormonal changes in your body will definitely affect the body structure. So if the child early puberty, there would be no impact.

A person becomes disabled prekoks puberty depends on a variety of factors, such as genetic factors or certain diseases that can stimulate the production of gonadal hormones, such as ovarian tumors or testicular tumors.

Children who watch soap operas often or frequently eat foods that contain hormones such as junk food may also experience early puberty. If puberty occur early then not only marked by the growth of a great body and a quicker high, but the bones will also be quicker to close.

So, if a teenager experiencing early puberty body growth will initially be higher, but because the bones close faster then causes her body was shorter than other friends who experienced normal puberty.

In addition, if too fast puberty the hormones will be high and it will make children mature faster, but mentally not ready to become adults.

The child can not adapt to the environment. It is feared that if he liked the opposite sex which can lead to unexpected events due to these hormonal impulse.

Children with early puberty would be embarrassed, could not put themselves, make-up into adulthood, nervous, irresolute and become less confident. This is because they are not ready and when it occurs early puberty they do not realize it," explained Louise Maspaitella M. dra Psi, Clinical Psychologist.

How to cope the early puberty?

Before the treat or stop early puberty, the cause must be determined beforehand.

Prekoks puberty or early puberty on the basis of the cause is divided into two, namely the central and peripheral prekoks puberty.

At puberty central prekoks it will involve all the hormones in the brain. Meanwhile, at puberty prekoks peripheral involvement only in certain places, usually because the tumor.

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