Apr 12, 2011

Some foods that should not be eaten by your child

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Some parents sometimes can not wait to quickly provide food for her child. There are some foods that should not be given to infants under age.

When your child grow and age, the parents begin to introduce some variety of food for him. But not all food is safe for children, some of which have a choking hazard and the other is not well taken because the baby does not have a perfect digestive system.

Some foods that should not be Eaten by your child on the basis of age, as quoted from babycenter, Friday April 8, 2011.

Age 4-6 months

Parents should not give any kind of food to children even if the food is soft or in the form of porridge, because all the nutrients needed by infants through breast milk has been provided for up to 6 months.

Age 6-12 months

Although the infant was allowed to receive food other than milk, but some foods should be avoided by infants:

Honey, there is the possibility that honey contains Clostridium botulinum can cause botulism. In the adult gut tract can prevent the growth of these spores, but in infants spores can grow and produce toxins that threaten life. Peanut butter, peanut butter generally have a sticky texture that makes a baby is hard to swallow. Dairy cattle, generally the baby can not digest the protein in cow's milk for 1 year first. Besides, he also does not need all the nutrients contained in milk, and a certain amount of minerals can damage the kidneys. Foods with large pieces, vegetables such as carrots, celery or tomato, meat or cheese should be cut in small dice, grated or boiled and then cut to prevent the food is stuck in the throat. As for the fruit should be given in the form of juice. Hard foods, foods such as nuts, popcorn, hard candies, raisins or other dried fruit has the potential to choke.

Age 12-24 months

Low-fat milk, mostly young toddlers need the fat and calories for growth and development, thus avoiding the low-fat milk for children under age 2 years. Also avoid foods that potentially cause choking.

Age 24-36 months

Although more children are eating a varied diet, but still there is a possibility he was choked by food. To avoid the food was still hard, cut large and chewing gum because most children don't understand how to eat right. Also avoid children eating, walking, watching tv or doing other things that can distract from the food.

Food intake of children has an important function as nutrients for growth and development, but parents also should take into consideration the digestive system which is owned by the child if it is perfect or not.

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