May 23, 2011

7 Tips on How to Handle a Spoiled Child

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GladChild: When children began to leave her toddler age, sometimes they still just spoiled. Even up to the age of seven years or they already have a brother, sometimes they still like to whine like a younger brother who was a toddler. What do kids ask, parents are always filled. As a result, if parents do not meet the demand until the child was whining and crying.

Spoiled children also occurred in terms of a desire to stay close to parents. Not infrequently the child is already in school age are always competing with his brother to get the caresses of his mother.

Here are 7 Tips on how to handle a spoiled child:
  1. Parents must have a willingness to no longer spoil the child. Spoiled behavior one of them because so far what they want is always obeyed.
  2. Begin to not spoil the child and teach independent living from small things. For example, children get used to taking their own uniforms, taking food or drink alone.
  3. Actions to not spoil the child should also be done by parents or other caregivers, not just by one person.
  4. Communicate with the child, that she should begin to have responsibilities. Explain about priorities, that not all desired must be fulfilled.
  5. If the child still ignores the command given by whining or crying, give the sense that the action was not true. Give him hugs and support.
  6. Parents should be consistent to not spoil the child, not just one or two days and come back to spoil them again.
  7. Give praise when the child is no longer whine when asking for something, so that children understand that parents are pleased when she began to change.
If you have other experiences to overcome a spoiled child, tell them to be shared with other friends under there.

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