May 17, 2011

8 Tips for Finding the Right Nanny for Your Child

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GladChild: Hiring a caregiver to child is one of the most important decisions for parents.

Here are 8 tips for finding the right nanny for your child:
  1. Hasty in seeking nanny is not a good idea. Take some time and review all the circumstances before making a final decision.
  2. Make a list of what you want when looking for a nanny. This means including budget, time, expectations, reference, and what exactly the person you want.
  3. Keep holding on wishes, not easy to accept if you find someone who does not like the initial expectations.
  4. Look for sources that can give you a list of institutions or nanny services of different caregivers. You can look in the phone book, ask your family or friends who have used nanny service.
  5. When it finds an nanny services, be sure to ask detailed questions. Ask how they select the caregiver, how exactly the process, how extensive background checks on them, whether they do a test examination of drug use, how long the agent operates, and other questions you want to ask. If the agent refuses or hesitates to answer any of your questions, move to the next agent's office.
  6. Interviews with prospective nanny can be a lengthy process. Do not try to make it faster, have a list of nanny interview questions you want to know from the prospective nanny. Ask all of them, either 10 or 100 questions you have, and listen to answers from prospective caregivers. If you find an answer that does not match what you expect, mark that question along with names of candidates who were interviewed caregivers.
  7. Check all references, even if you get a nanny through an nanny services. Important reference for measuring the track record of caregivers. The first question you should ask about the reference work is whether they want to hire a nanny is back. If the answer is no, ask for a detailed explanation.
  8. Find out the background of the prospective caregiver you've chosen. Finding out the background of potential caregivers is very important, ranging from medical history and their behavior in the past. Make a written agreement between you and the prospective caregiver about what you expect from caregivers and what to expect from your caregiver.

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