May 4, 2011

Babies Grow Higher After Wake Up

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GladChild: Not surprisingly, babies need a longer sleep time than children and adults, because the baby will be higher during waking.

Scientists eventually discovered the link between sleep and growth of the baby daily. Scientists link sleep increases and changes in sleep patterns in infants can increase the body length.

The results that have been published in the journal Sleep is claimed that the increase in infant growth will occur within 48 hours of sleep time improvements.

And the more time the infant needs to sleep, the greater the chance that the baby had a growth spurt.

Figures results showed that the probability of a baby will increase the average growth of 43 percent for every extra sleep time.

The empirical results show that the growth spurt does not only occur during sleep, but is significantly affected by sleep. A longer sleep time will correspond to greater growth in the baby's body length, said author Dr. Michelle Lampl, Department of Anthropology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, as reported by Dailymail.

Dr. Lampl said, the secretion of growth hormone will increase after the baby is sleeping and during slow wave sleep stage.

Researchers also claim the changes in hormonal signals during sleep can stimulate bone growth, which will support the anecdotal 'growth pain', ie growth which make limb pain that makes the baby to wake up at night.

Dr. Lampl said that in some cases, growth may occur in other parts of the body. However, some changes in sleep occur without a growth spurt, and not any acceleration of growth preceded by an increase in sleep time.

It opens another door to understand why we sleep. We now know that sleep is a factor contributing to increased growth on the biological level. For daily practice, the results of this research helps parents to understand the behavior and sleep patterns of babies. Dr Lampl.

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