May 1, 2011

When Your Daughter Start Asking Why Breasts Enlargement

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GladChild: In teenage girls breast enlargement be early signs of the beginning of puberty. While this is a lot of questions about breast who wants to be known and curious. Whatever you curious?

Early puberty in girls is common in the age range 8 to 13 years. That the signs of early puberty in girls is a change in the breast enlargement.

Breasts will look started to grow, like a small hill with the nipple (areola) wide. This was followed by growth of pubic hair, body odor, acne, high acceleration and weight. When there are changes in the breast, often teenage girls want to know a lot about the sensitive organs.

Some questions about the breast that makes a lot of curious teenagers:

1. Why do women's breasts enlarged?
There are two factors that affect breast growth in women, namely nutrition and genetics. Breast growth will begin upon entering puberty. Pubertal hormones produced by the pituitary gland plays an important role.

One early sign of the beginning of puberty is breast enlargement as a result of increased estrogen production that is stimulated by pituitary hormones.

During the hormone estrogen continue to be released on the female body, will from the breasts continue to grow and maintain its shape. Can Also be Slightly Enlarged breasts in teenage girls to take birth control pills WHO pill estroge or replacement after menopause. During pregnancy the breast is Also Enlarged by the increase of in estrogen secretion.

Boys also often experience breast enlargement in the early stages of puberty.

2. When did women start to grow breasts?
At puberty, girls are often asked why his friend had started growing breasts while she has not. Breast enlargement is the beginning of puberty, generally in the range of ages 8 to 13 years.

Early puberty each child is different depending on many factors, including genetics, nutrition, activity, hormone levels and health conditions such as stress, etc.

3. How big is a normal breast size?
The size of the breast of every woman is different. In terms of health, there are no standards for breast size.

The size of the breast depends a lot of things, including family history, age, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and breast feeding history, thickness and elasticity of breast skin, hormonal levels in the breast and the menopause.

4. Are young women can get breast cancer?
Yes, although rarely occur during adolescence. Biggest breast cancer risk in women with age above 40 years or more.

5. Whether my breasts too small?
The size of the breast size can indeed be influenced by family history. But some health professionals to explain, other than genetics are still many things that can affect breast size.

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