May 1, 2011

Playing Puzzle to Train Your Children Visual Intelligence

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GladChild: Play puzzle to train children concentrate because he had to concentrate when assembling pieces of the puzzle. Some of the children skills learn through this intellectual game.

The ability to hold and arrange things to make children aged 2 years could put the puzzle pieces. In addition, toddlers also have understood the forms of objects. Replacing the puzzle pieces means remembering a whole picture, then arrange the components into an image object. How children solve puzzles is the whole image using the method of trial and error. Color and shape pieces, two points to consider when setting up your children puzzle.

This game helps children practice visual intelligence. Children learn to understand the concept of form, color, size and number. In addition, play puzzle train children to concentrate because he had to concentrate when matching puzzle pieces. Not only that, this game is improving the skills of children solve simple problems.

Well, how to choose a puzzle for your children?
  • Give children age-appropriate puzzles and development capabilities
  • Simple shapes such as matching pieces of the body with pieces of the head, form glasses with glass lid, or the basic shapes (circle, square and rectangular).
  • Consists of 3 to 6 pieces of large size.
  • Made of safe and strong like a smooth wood or cardboard.
  • Choose a puzzle with a knob (button) to be easily held.

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