May 15, 2011

Tips for Your Child to Learn Brushing Teeth

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GladChild: Inviting children require diligent toothbrush need a special tricks. Teach and make it a habit to brush your teeth start early so that later became a habit.
  1. Prepare toothbrush equipment. Before children begin to learn to brush your teeth, brush your teeth provide the child whose head is relatively small, which is 1.5 cm with the same length of hair brush, soft bristles and a handle is wide enough and thick ..
  2. Dab toothpaste. When children are older than 2 years, select a special toothpaste that contains fluoride for children safe when ingested (usually this information is listed on the packaging). Dab toothpaste on the brush size of peas, or brush a thin layer of the tooth. When Children are 1-2 years old, learn how to brush your teeth can be done without using toothpaste, to avoid swallowing toothpaste containing fluoride is too much.
  3. Give examples of brushing motion. Stand with your children in front of a mirror located above the sink. Ask the toddler holding his toothbrush and watched the example simple movements that you do brush your teeth. Given the fine motor skills, children will not develop optimally, usually the child has difficulty in controlling the movement of brush his teeth properly. Because of that, just give examples of basic movements brush your teeth.
  4. Practice with the mother. Now, from behind the toddler hold his hand and point the brush his teeth into the tooth to be polished. Ask him to imitate how you hold and move the toothbrush. For the little one just learning to brush your teeth, use the Bass method, namely to put the hair brush at an angle of 45 degrees and then move to the left and right slowly. If your child is older, teach brush your teeth with Fone method, ie brush rotate, and then Leonard method of brushing motion upwards and downwards. Make brushing motion with your baby as the easiest method and is able to do.
  5. Gargling. When finished brushing your teeth, ask your toddler to rinse with boiled water to avoid the risk of diarrhea due to germs and dirt that may be contained in the raw water if ingested.
  6. Done. Finally, ask children to clean the remnants of toothpaste foam around his mouth stuck with boiled water. To cultivate the habit of brushing your teeth in small, when you're done, give him gifts. For example, kiss my dear, warm hug, or in the form of small objects that are useful. For example, a toothbrush-shaped headgear funny animal head or a new toothbrush shaped funny and interesting color.
Should Tongue Cleaned? Yes! Because, at the toddler tongue sticking pretty much the rest of milk or food. Teach children in aged 4-5 years, ie by gently brushing the surface of the tongue using a toothbrush after he brushed his teeth.

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