Jul 13, 2011

Child Avoid Those Parents on Facebook

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GladChild: Facebook is one of the parent’s efforts to get closer to their children. Unfortunately, these efforts often deadlocked, because some children are reluctant to make friends with their parents on Facebook.

Based on a survey of two thousand British citizens by BullGuard internet security firm, 16 percent of parents never tried to make friends with their kids on Facebook and other social networking sites. Of that amount, one third experienced rejection. Similarly alerts Telegraph on Wednesday July 13, 2011.

More than 50 percent of parents claimed their children also monitor child activity on social networks by looking at their profiles, read messages on the wall and looking at photos stored. Five percent claimed to do the same if they knew how, while more than 10 percent said that their main goal is to open a Facebook account to check on their children.

The survey results reveal that even the majority of parents (76 percent) to monitoring child online activity, including checking the visited sites.

These project leaders, Claus Villumsen, insisted that parents have the right to be protective of their children's activities, given the growing number of sex offenders who use social networks to target victims.

These figures are a bit surprising, but because many elements are known to target the 'prey' via the internet, this seems understandable, said Villumsen.

Consideration of a minimum age of Facebook users is still being debated. Currently, Facebook does not allow children under the age of 13 years to become a member. But Facebook itself acknowledges that many bearing false ages on their profiles so they can get away from the provision.

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