Jul 12, 2011

Toddlers need to exercise minimum 3 hours/day

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GladChild: Not only adults who have problems with obesity, the children are also many who experienced it since toddler. In order not to overweight, experts recommend that your child accustomed to begin exercise at least 3 hours/day.

For babies who cannot move too much, one way to ask him to play in the swimming pool and baby gym. As for the age of about 5 years, should begin to get used to running time at least 15 minutes every day.

If at that age have not been able to walk, toddlers should still be invited to move for 3 hours/day. Crawling, rolling or any movement no matter who your child is important not to spend too much time to keep silence.

Recommendation was contained in the guide sports for children released in the UK this weekend. Sports for children aged less than five received special attention in the guide that has been infecting many obese children at an early age.

Any game that allows toddlers to move is very important and time 3 hours/day is essential, said Sally Davies, a British health officials told The Sunday Times quoted from Ninemsn.

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