Jul 11, 2011

Signs of children who have difficulty in learning

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GladChild: Children who experience learning difficulties often make parents stress and get a bad seal at the school. But parents need to realize that children who have difficulty learning in children are not a disease and this can be handled.

Learning difficulties is not a disease but a sign of children brain development that is still less than optimal.

Some characteristics that indicate the child has difficulty in learning:
  • Grades arbitrary
  • Difficult set of activities or goods
  • Easy to forget
  • Often loses things
  • Daydreaming
  • Careless and inaccurate
  • Not motivated to learn
  • Quitter
  • It's hard to sit quietly for long periods of time
  • Many spoke
  • It's hard to wait their turn
  • Like mischievous, fun and impulsive
Even so there are things that should be avoided because it will not help children overcome learning difficulties such as:
  • Scold, punish or humiliate
  • Labeling or negative designation
  • Increase training and tutoring
  • Lure prize
But parents need not worry as learning difficulties can be addressed. What can parents do?
  1. Accept the existing situation, in this case is not silent, not denying, stop blaming yourself, others or God, and stop crying over yourself
  2. To examine whether psychological, motor, neurological, eye, ENT and Allergy
  3. Committed 100 percent to undergo therapy program and change the mindset and parenting
  4. Striking a balance between affection and discipline
  5. Giving praise
  6. Avoiding negative labels
Meanwhile, teachers can also play a role by providing a fun learning atmosphere such as using visual, auditory or practice, using the child's interest in providing samples, providing a clear target, giving a positive statement as well as an inspiration.

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