Jul 9, 2011

Smoking prevention among children and adolescents

/ On : 7:48 AM
GladChild: Children who start smoking could become addicted, so it will probably continue to smoke as an adult and later risk of suffering heart disease, lung cancer and other dangerous diseases. Everyone does not want children to smoke. The question is how to stop them from smoking and who can do it.

Parents play an important role in educating their children about healthy lifestyles and teach the importance of not smoking. Adult cigarette smokers should get rid of the reach of children and do not smoke near your children.

A number of public health interest groups are also working hard to prevent children from smoking by running educational programs for children.

Governments can contribute by enacting policies that prohibit the sale of cigarettes to children and enforce it strictly.

We believe that tobacco manufacturers can and must take action to prevent children from smoking. Such actions can range from support effective regulation to implement smoking prevention programs of their own children.

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