Jul 31, 2011

Hitting a child will make their behavior worse

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GladChild: Hitting children is a way of punishing is not recommended for any parent. The study found hitting a child can reduce the emotional intelligence and make their behavior worse.

The researchers found the penalty hitting a child can reduce the emotional intelligence and executive function skills (ability to think and modify their behavior when necessary) compared with children receiving non-physical punishment.

Constant child physical punishment can make children less disciplined because of declining executive ability. Although in the short term these children may behave discipline to avoid being hit, but in the long run the child's behavior will only get worse.

Researchers from universities in the United States and Canada are warning parents not to give physical punishment to their children, because the benefits only in the short term only.

The study monitored 63 children from two private schools in West Africa are aged 5-6 years. One of the schools use corporal punishment for students who commit violations, while other schools use non-physical punishment such as warning and out of the classroom.

The study results are reported in the journal Social Development shows that children do not get physical punishment significantly value-tasks higher than children with physical punishment.

The environment with harsh punishment is likely to have long term adverse effects of verbal intelligence of children and executive function abilities, said study author Professor Victoria Talwar of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, as quoted by the Telegraph on Friday July 29, 2011.

Prof. Victoria said the study suggests that physical punishment does not teach the children how she behaves or enhance learning, but rather a negative effect.

In the short term may not have a negative effect, but if done from time to time, this condition will not help the children in problem-solving skills and actually inhibit their behavior becomes inappropriate, he said.

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