Aug 17, 2011

Air pollution can affect children's intelligence

/ On : 9:19 PM
GladChild: Be careful with the environment, especially for small children. A new study says children who are exposed to poor air pollution will affect the lowering children IQ and intelligence tests.

Attraction impact of air pollution with intelligence similar to the impact of children born to mothers who smoked as many as 10 cigarettes, said Chairman of Research of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Dr. Shakira Franco, as reported by Reauters Health.

The study examined 202 children aged 8-11 years in Boston. Then, researchers examined the relationship between the child's cognitive function in children who are exposed to carbon dioxide. Source pollution comes from motor vehicle exhaust fumes.

If children are exposed to carbon dioxide is continuously will have an impact on the low intelligence test scores. If when the researchers added other factors such as parental education, language skills, birth weight and exposure to tobacco smoke.

For example, continuous exposure to carbon dioxide which will impact the ability of the test vocabulary, memory, and learning. This includes exposure to tobacco smoke, he said.

In a research note, exposure to air pollution associated with the dangers that lurk. However, the length of time and moved away may not be able to prevent.

He explained that air pollution will cause harmful effects are characterized by inflammation and damage in the brain. Furthermore, researchers suggest conducting research related to inflammation and damage in the brain at all ages.

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