Aug 18, 2011

Materialistic nature can damage the children’s mentality

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GladChild: Do not allow your children to be materialistic. Because you will be very troublesome to fulfill all wishes.

Treasure is not everything. But unfortunately, due to the all-materialism of modern life, the children become mentally damaged. In fact, love is not necessarily shown in the form of property must be willing to even make a parent's debt here and there to meet them.

The phenomenon of children's mental breakdown due to materialism that seemed very severe in developed countries like the UK. Based on the results of the study, about 89 percent of adults there agree that children are increasingly becoming materialistic than ever before.

The findings are based on a survey involving 1225 GK NOP adult respondents in the UK. From the findings of this poll, the majority of UK adults believe that children are more materialistic today's generation of children than ever before. Polling these include asking about the various demands of children to their parents.

Institute for The Children's Society said people grow up to be responsible for the phenomenon of high-level marketing of commercial products in children. Head of The Children's Society Bob Reitemer said important questions arise about how to let the child grow and develop free from a wide range of industrial product marketing techniques.

We can not blame children for granted because of the emergence of this culture. During these adults do to support children to be materialistic or not, he said. Noted, industry profits in the UK of children estimated to reach market segments amounting to 30 billion pounds.

Head of the Institute for National School Partnership Mark Fawcett said it is impossible to protect children from the real world today. Therefore, inclusion of diverse information can indeed be obtained free of children. However, it does not mean they can never escape.

According to Fawcett, all adults of all components should be jointly responsible for that child not to be exploited, but must be accompanied. Parents also must be more firmly refusing all requests from the children's silly to an item with a very high price.

Dr Rowan Williams of The Archbishop of Canterbury stated, children should be encouraged and given the understanding that their self-worth is more than just the stuff they have. Because, often the children want something they see an ad or see her friends already have it.

Selling a lifestyle in children has resulted in cultural materialism, competition and makes them become very individualistic and greedy later on when mature and sociable life, he said. Commercial product pressure on children to give their damaging effects.

Professor of child psychology from the Institute of Child Health London, Philip Graham stated, one of the main factors causing the emergence of mental problems in children and adolescents was due to meet to have an exaggerated sense of possessive.

Evidence shows that in Britain and the United States who are most affected due to the pressure of commercial products is the increasing number of mental health problems, he explained.

The survey results showed that nearly 90 percent of respondents think that the advertisements at Christmas put pressure on parents to spend more money than their actual abilities.

As many as 63 percent of female respondents in this survey were more likely to think that the media is the main cause of the emergence of cultural materialism in children. Meanwhile, only 56 percent of male respondents who agreed with the statement.

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