Aug 20, 2011

Fun Sports activities for obese children

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GladChild: It is no secret that many adults who are obese due to overeating and little exercise. Unfortunately, the obesity epidemic is also affecting children. Let's take in a fun little exercise so as not to be fat.

1 in 3 children who are considered overweight or obese are likely to suffer from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, sleep apnea and psychologically at a later date.

For parents worried about children's health, caring for children who are overweight can be a challenge. The best thing you can do is to teach children about food with good nutrition and making exercise a fun and exciting to play with the children.

Here is some fun sport for overweight child, as reported by Livestrong on Saturday August 20, 2011:

1. Walk
Walking is a sport that is easy and cheap to do, including by children. Make the activities of walking in the morning or the evening more enjoyable by getting a pet, or to places of interest such as city parks. Ask the children to seek adventure leaves, insects, flowers or whatever you can find in the street.

2. Strength training
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should not be allowed to lift weights or use heavy equipment until they reach adolescence. However, children can still do strength training using their own body weight. Make a sticker chart and challenge your child to do sit-ups, pushups or squats. Bring the whole family to exercise more enjoyable.

3. Swim
Learning to swim is an essential skill for all children. Most kids also love to play in the water. Invite your child and all family members to swim on holiday to make the kids stay active.

4. Dance
Dancing with music can also burn children calories. Turn on the music with a beat faster to make the child actually moves. Change songs can also make children more interested anymore.

5. Playing in the park
The park usually offers a large space for physical activity and adventure. Walking and hiking are two ways to burn calories to lose weight children. Games like football, hide and seek could also make a child interested in moving.

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