Aug 21, 2011

Video games can strengthen the relationship between parents and children

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GladChild: Playing video games as well as using a smartphone it can deepen the relationship between parents and children. Thus the results of research from Goldsmiths University and gaming company PopCap.

Based on this research, 4 of 5 parents called to play video games with their children as "quality time". Meanwhile, 32 percent of parents admitted playing computer games with their children every day.

The study also found that children aged two years is now adept at operating the smartphone and tablet PCs. Approximately 27 percent of parents claimed their children smartphone or tablet device borrow theirs to play the game.

The study included approximately 3000 parents and elderly, where approximately 22 percent of mothers and fathers say that playing computer games has helped their children gain a deeper understanding of the technology.

Not only that, most of the elderly is also claimed that they also play games to get closer to their grandchildren.

This discovery is important because it highlights the social benefits obtained by a person from playing video games, said Dr. Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic of Goldsmiths as reported by the Telegraph on Monday August 22, 2011.

Research into previously tended to only see the effects of video games to the individual. But in the era of social networking, gaming seems to play a vital role in improving one's social relationships, he added.

Referring to the many parents and elderly people who use the game to connect with their children and grandchildren, with satisfactory results, indicating that video games can enhance social skills as well as providing key contributions in the patterns of parenting and child development is successful, Chamorro-Premuzic lid.

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