Aug 23, 2011

Recognize the symptoms of ADHD before the child goes to school

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GladChild: Hyperactivity symptoms or ADHD in children (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is generally known when the child is in school. But there are characteristics of ADHD that appear before he entered school.

ADHD is the most common child behavioral disorder diagnosed in children and adolescents, estimated to affect approximately 3-7 of every 100 school-age children. Approximately 66 percent of children with ADHD continue to show symptoms when he was a teenager.

Generally someone who has ADHD has 3 a similar disorder although sometimes accompanied by different symptoms that are not a concern (inattentiveness), hyperactive and impulsive (impulsiveness).

Read signal for ADHD in children can sometimes be difficult because most of it looks like any other healthy child. Here are some things that can be observed as a child may have ADHD, as quoted from ParentDish on Tuesday August 23, 2011:
  • Signs of hyperactivity and impulsive behavior
Children will look nervous or stretched continuously regardless of the surrounding environment, is generally regarded as the classic symptoms of ADHD. Another sign that need attention as a symptom of ADHD is not a child can sit quietly for a moment or tend to talk excessively.
  • Signs of children less attention
The most obvious sign is the children often fail in attention to detail or something that make the same mistake each perform a task or job. And often has a blank stare like not listening to what others are talking to him and easily forgotten.

If there are signs like that you should consult with an expert to evaluate, because ADHD is not diagnosed and treated will make the child grow into teenagers who are easily distracted, neglectful, less communicative and affect social life.

And act more impulsively to a situation that is without considering the consequences. These conditions will make it a risky behavior and difficult to control yourself.

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