Aug 11, 2011

Caffeine Can Relieve Symptoms of ADHD in Children

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GladChild: Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or hyperactive symptoms are usually difficult to concentrate and react quickly without thinking. Caffeine seems to affect hyperactive children become well, although sometimes cause side effects.

Caffeine can stimulate the interesting properties of methylxanthine. Methylxanthine act by blocking chemicals in the brain that cause drowsiness. Caffeine also stimulates the production of adrenaline, which can sharpen attention. Adrenaline also causes the brain to release dopamine, which plays an important role in neutralizing the function of uncontrolled motor.

Doctors usually treat ADHD in children with psycho stimulant drugs such as methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine-amphetamine, which is marketed under the trade name Ritalin and Adderall.

Effects of caffeine affect the brain chemicals similar to this drug, which is to increase attention span in hyperactive children. According to the American Psychological Association, caffeine also has the effect of minimizing the aggressiveness, both in children and in hyperactive children who do not have ADHD.

Healthy adolescents should not consume caffeine more than 100 mg a day, as reported by Teens Health. Consumption levels needed to influence hyperactivity could be that amount.

American Psychological Association showed that 1-2 cups of caffeine in coffee can be accepted to help treat the symptoms of ADHD, as reported by Livestrong.

But unfortunately, the administration of caffeine in children can result in unwanted side effects, like insomnia. The impact of caffeine as a whole also depends on body weight.

American Psychological Association showed that using caffeine to treat hyperactivity in children is better than no treatment at all. In children not taking medication, symptoms of ADHD in children could increase.

But coffee drinkers should not be a substitute for conventional therapies, especially without consulting with your pediatrician. With a doctor's approval, you can add caffeine therapy for children who already have drug or exchange of a small dose of caffeine for the drug.

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