Aug 8, 2011

Facebook for Children, Good or Bad?

/ On : 6:52 AM
GladChild: Spend much time on Facebook are often accused of having a negative effect on children and adolescents. However, on the other hand he carried a good learning for them.

A revealing study of the psychological effects of child online activity on Facebook is. It is said, teenagers who spend much time on Facebook, have a tendency to narcissistic. They are also known to have anti-social behavior, and aggressive maniac.

Dangers of Facebook for children is said to also have an impact on children's achievement in school. Those who check Facebook every 15 minutes during learning reported its value decreases. The use of technology and media to excess every day also brought a negative effect on children's health, making children more depressed, experience anxiety and other psychological problems.

However, social network is not merely a negative impact on children and adolescents. As reported by Ivanhoe on Monday August 8, 2011, on the other hand the researchers also found that teens who hooked Facebook show they are more astute in showing empathy virtual on their online friends. Social networking also helps children to learn to socialize closed.

With the impacts brought up, the researchers still do not advise parents to monitoring children online activities.

If you are using a computer program to monitoring your children, then you are just wasting your time because the child will surely find another way about it. Begin early to talk about technology and build confidence, said Larry Rosen, social media researcher at the California State University who argued his findings at the American Psychological Association.

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