Aug 7, 2011

Girls more likely to try alcohol

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GladChild: A study of those aged 15-16 years found that girls are more likely to try alcohol compared to male children.

That puts them at risk of unprotected sex, unplanned pregnancies and contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

One in five adolescent girls who consumed alcohol at least once a week to find themselves so drunk, so the sex that they regret falls. While nearly 40 percent involved a fight.

Nearly 88 percent of girls aged 15 and 16 said they had consumed alcohol compared with 80 percent for child boys.

The study found that among adolescents of both sexes, those who like to drink the equivalent of more than a bottle of wine a week. The findings also concluded that drinking has adverse effects on achievement in school.

The report was compiled by the Center for Public Health at Liverpool John Moores University. Questionnaires completed by 11 thousand teenagers in the North West.

Beverage alcohol may place girls in situations too drunk to consider whether they want to have sex or take appropriate measures to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. The report found that among both sexes, 30 percent of teens does binge drinking at least once a week.

The consequences of both direct, such as poor school performance and violence and alcohol-related health problems later in life and pregnancy.

The survey found nearly 40 percent of women who drank at least once a week have been involved in a fight. And more than 20 percent said they had been drinking heavily, so the sex they regret. That figure is higher than 15 percent for boys in the same position.

Don Shenker, Alcohol Concern from, say there are clear links between binge drinking and young girls unplanned sex and alcohol-related violence.

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