Sep 25, 2011

6 Tips on how to treat skin rashes in babies

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GladChild: Skin rashes on baby's is often the case, several circumstances can lead to irritation, such as:
  • Use of synthetic diapers or plastic pants lined the old are not replaced, often leading directly to the skin rashes caused by accumulation of urine or feces that contain ammonia. Closing of the diaper area as well as the temperature increases the humidity in the folds of the buttocks further facilitate the absorption of these chemicals are irritants. If it lasts over and over protective skin is damaged, making it easier for the proliferation of fungi, like Candida albicans.
  • In these areas, especially folds in the baby fat like the neck, groin, elbow fold, if there is buildup of sweat that is too long then it will irritate baby's skin. Recurrent inflammation that occurs will also be exacerbated by the proliferation of fungi such as Candida albicans.
  • Infants with a family history of allergies will be more common complaints of skin rashes, such as smooth scales on the scalp area resulting from the use of cosmetic products had a high pH shampoo or hair-lotion that is too fragrant. Can also encountered something similar in the chest, back, abdomen due to the use of such heating oil or eucalyptus baby oil used constantly in hot climates.
  • Drought baby's skin caused by repeated use of soap containing antiseptic. Chronic inflammation caused by contact irritants weak will affect the balance of normal flora of skin, with reduced power due to the skin's natural defenses.
  • A newborn baby who consume cow's milk formula with high pH levels sometimes found redness in the area around the anus.
How to treat skin rashes on baby's?
  1. The most important is prevention, because when examined all the factors that cause skin rashes of infants can be prevented. New skin disorder in baby generally occurs when exposure has occurred repeatedly over a period of time.
  2. Avoid the temporary use of disposable diapers or plastic-lined pants during inflammation. Wear a soft thin cloth diaper fabric absorbs sweat. Wash the area surrounding each baby's buttocks and urinate or defecate for infants with mild soap, pat dry with a soft towel and gently pat do not rub harshly. Avoid talcum powder when the skin is inflamed.
  3. Folds of the inflamed area is often compressed with a washcloth towel soaked in water, avoid the use of powder for a while. Regional folds are often opened and aerated. When sweating immediately wipes it gently with a washcloth towel soaked in water, do not rub and then dried with a towel. Wear loose cotton clothes are thin and easily absorb sweat.
  4. Where the scaly skin can be given a special moisturizing cream after bathing the baby. Do not bathe with water too hot to linger. Use a special baby soap and shampoo. For the time being avoid using talcum powder or a variety of cosmetic products for babies.
  5. Do not apply ointment, cream or any oil on the inflamed area without consulting with your doctor first.
  6. Skin rashes in baby's skin is more often caused by weak irritants such as sweat, urine, feces, skin care products are one use, detergent, or liquid antiseptic and perhaps we too have a hand to expose it. Sometimes the onset of irritation is supported by a suitable condition for the emergence of inflammation as a factor of moisture, heat, friction or closed.

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